Dead Anchovies Result In Stinking of Necanicum River

Thousands of dead fish, termed anchovies, have resulted in stinking of the Necanicum River. These fish died while swimming upriver on 28th of July at Seaside, Oregon.

These anchovies entered in Necanicum River in downtown Seaside, at high tide and as a result died there. Death of Anchovies in the river is quite normal. Many anchovies try swimming upstream and as a result, are stranded there. Either they are eaten up by birds or return to ocean.

As per Tiffany Boothe, a spokesperson of Oregon Coast Aquarium, this week the fish were found dead due to the lack of oxygen in river for supporting the fish that entered. He also stated that this is normal and usually, dead fish are observed. For birdwatchers, dead anchovies are definitely good, because, they have a tendency of attracting several birds that then eat them up. He also said that this stink will remain for 2 days.

Penny Russell, a spectator from Portland said that he saw thousands of fish and he thought that whatever happened was quite sad and that he’d not seen it before.

Coordinator for Necanicum Watershed Council, Melyssa Graeper said that this is a good and cool indicator of things working right now. She also stated that this proves to be a positive sign for anchovy population. It means that the population of anchovy is very strong. Apart from it, dead fish are good for rivers. When these fish decompose, the river and the plants nearby absorb their nutrients.

Such events are seen every 10 years, say experts. In a few days the river will flow normally and the anchovies will be decomposed.

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